About Kostas

I am a photo enthusiast, taking photos of people, events, food and generally everything that moves or not… This web site is mostly dedicated to my portraits. I hope you enjoy it!


Note on the portrait photos:

With the exception of public figures, celebrities, vendors, etc.. all other portraits or the persons I shoot (named models) are uploaded and displayed in public only after the model has agreed to it. In case there is any complain about any of my photos I immediately delete the mentioned photo(s) from my site. In many cases I process the photos and never display them online, they are distributed solely to the model and the HMUA (Hair and Make Up Artist) for work purposes.

Photography is my hobby, I respect the privacy and in no way I would allow my photos to expose any person that is not willing to be online.



Contact info

email: kostastrovas.photography@gmail.com